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The International Masterson Institute (East Coast USA) offers training in the Masterson Approach through a three-year postgraduate certificate program in psychoanalytic psychotherapy of the disorders of self.  

This master class training is conducted online and as such is fully accessible to eligible international applicants. Class numbers are limited to optimize the learning experience.

The course aims to promote thorough understanding of the developmental, self and object-relations theoretical frameworks underpinning the Masterson Approach, including significant findings from neurobiology and attachment theory which have been integrated into the Masterson Approach.

The Masterson Approach distinguishes differing treatment interventions to effectively address the distinctive intrapsychic structure and treatment needs specific to the different disorders of self. Training emphasis is on developing the requisite knowledge and skills to accurately diagnose and effectively treat disorders of self.

The program consists of three years of formal course work, plus weekly clinical supervision. Classes are organized into USA fall and spring semesters. The Institute encourages the full development of personal and professional capacities as part of professional training and strongly recommends personal psychotherapy to candidates.

The Institute aims to build a network of highly trained therapists skilled in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, as well as in Masterson theory and its clinical application.

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The International Masterson Institute aims to support the study and treatment of relational trauma and disorders of self





For more information about the 3 year training program, please contact the Institute Director, Dr Judith Pearson.

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