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Clinical Study Group: Disorders of Self

  2023 course dates to be advised    

Location: Perth, Western Australia

This eight week clinical study group is offered each year to introduce psychotherapists to core concepts of the Masterson Approach, focusing on distinct treatment interventions applied to the specific needs of each of the major Disorders of Self – borderline, narcissistic and schizoid.

Dr James Masterson’s pioneering work in mapping the underlying psychic structures of the borderline and narcissistic disorders – together with the contribution of Dr Ralph Klein in illuminating the psychic structure of the schizoid disorder – formed the basis for groundbreaking treatment approaches which are highly effective in working with clients often considered difficult to treat.

The study group will cover theory and case presentations, as well as offer opportunity for clinical discussion of participants’ case material. Reading of set articles prior to each session supports the learning experience. Participants will require a copy of the text, The Therapist’s Guide to the Personality Disorders: the Masterson Approach, at the commencement of the course. All additional reading material will be provided.

This professional development opportunity will suit practitioners interested in deepening their understanding of the treatment of personality disorders, and increasing their clinical capacity to discern and utilise effective treatment interventions.

Facilitator: Maggie Down

Format: 2 hour face-to-face group meetings, held Monday afternoons, over 8 consecutive weeks.

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